Capacity Planning Tool - Google Sheets


Why do I need this?

If you are managing a software project and need to plan capacity this sheet can help. Quickly understand if you'll be able to meet target deadlines:

  • Supports up to three Milestones
  • Estimate both Frontend and Backend work independently

How does it work?

The template is split into four sections:

  • Team Velocity
  • Total Work Remaining
  • Forecast Velocity by Milestone
  • Targets

Team Velocity

In this section, enter the capacity for each team member per week. For example: 8 story points.

Total Work Remaining

In this section, enter the total work remaining. It supports three separate milestones, with each milestone supporting a separate estimate for Backend and Frontend work.

Forecast Velocity

This section will update based on the values in the previous sections. It gives a visual representation of

Target Releases

This section is useful for understanding if you will hit a target release date. Simply, enter the milestone name in the week you want to target the release, and it calculates if you'll be over-capacity and by how much.

Why should I use it?

  • Plan your team's upcoming projects
  • Take into consideration the split between Frontend and Backend

Who made it?

Piers Rollinson is a Engineering manager with many years of experience managing teams and software projects.

What's included?

A copy of the template ready to use.

Main features:

  • Supports up to three milestones
  • Supports two types of team/work (Default is backend and frontend)
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Capacity Planning Tool - Google Sheets

I want this!